This is just silly

No matter which side of the fence you are on regarding the nomination of Harriet Miers, I think you’ll agree that the following snippets from this story is just silly:

Miers told Mr. Bush in a 1997 birthday card that he was “the best governor ever” and, in a separate note to her boss, said she hoped his twin daughters recognize their parents are “cool.”

The correspondence with Mr. Bush was among thousands of pages of records released Monday by the Texas state archives from Miers’ record as chair of the Texas Lottery Commission from 1995-2000.

A transcript of her confirmation hearing before the state Senate in 1995 indicated that lawmakers asked Miers, an attorney, only a few questions and that her nomination by Mr. Bush was generally unopposed.

Miers and Mr. Bush exchanged several birthday notes and general well-wishes during her lottery tenure.

In 1997, Miers sent him a belated birthday card featuring a sad-looking dog and the note: “Dear Governor GWB, You are the best Governor ever β€” deserving of great respect!” She added, “At least for thirty days β€” you are not younger than me.”

Mr. Bush’s birthdate is July 6, 1946; Miers’ is Aug. 10, 1945.

Mr. Bush wrote back to wish Miers a happy 52nd birthday, telling her that he appreciated her friendship and to “never hold back your sage advice.” He ended with a postscript: “No more public scatology.”

That October, Miers wrote Mr. Bush a note saying she hopes his twins, Jenna and Barbara, recognize they have “cool” parents.

Mr. Bush told Miers in a birthday note in 2000: “Have a great life!”

*Sigh* – there are plenty of things to be concerned with concerning the Miers nomination. Her writing cute notes in birthday cards to the President are not one of them (unless they read something like “George, thanks for last night. It was pure heaven!” or something ;)). I think the media has established that Miers and the Prez have been close over the years without having to report something like this as though it’s ‘telling’. Sheesh.

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