On blogging

I really, really enjoy blogging. I like to write and I love discussing politics, so blogging is the perfect outlet for me to express my views.

Today, however, I need to take a 24 hour break from blogging – to catch a breather and to get back ‘into the groove’. I feel like I’ve been off my game the past week or so and I need to get my sea legs back. I’ll return to blogging tomorrow. I’ll be around still to release comments and tomorrow will respond to comments that have been posted the last day or so.

In the meantime, check out these posts from around the blogosphere:

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Remember the Cole – Michelle Malkin has a roundup of links that take a look back at the bombing of the USS Cole, which was 5 years ago yesterday.

VFW Bikers Drown Out Phelps Funeral Protest – Bravo!

Kennedy Backs Kerry, Snubs Hillary – Heh.

And check out this article:

Angels lose Game 2 after controversial call – Your thoughts?

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