Warning for sperm donors in Sweden

If you’ve donated anonymously to the sperm bank, be prepared to have to fork over cash (child support) if things don’t go right for the person who, uh – selected your sperm, and their ‘partner’ years later:

Stockholm – A Swedish man who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple must pay child support for the three boys he fathered, the Supreme Court has ruled.

The man, now 39, gave his sperm to the couple in the early 1990s. Three sons were born in the years 1992 to 1996.

He agreed he would play no role in the boys’ upbringing, but signed a document saying he was the father. The women separated and the biological mother demanded that the man pay child support.

File this under “things that make you go hmmmmmmm ….” (along with the issue discussed in this post as well).

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