Howie doesn’t like Arnie

No surprise here, but it was an amusing read anyway:

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, labeling Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as just another Republican “right wing” politician, told hundreds of grassroots party activists Sunday they should send a message on Nov. 8 that will resonate nationwide by rejecting the governor’s special election measures.

“Gov. Schwarzenegger put these things on the ballot because he is, in fact, the captive of special interests,” Dean said to applause and cheers of the party’s faithful who packed a union hall in Hayward to hear his fiery address. “Arnold Schwarzenegger came in and then sold himself, and the state of California, to special interests.”

California voters will decide a number of issues Nov. 8, including four initiatives backed by the governor that would: lengthen the time it takes teachers to gain tenure (Proposition 74), make it more difficult for unions to contribute to political campaigns (Prop. 75), change the state budget process (Prop. 76) and remove the Legislature from redistricting (Prop. 77).

I know I’ve got quite a few California readers here … what are your thoughts on the initiatives? On the surface, they look like things I could support if I lived there, but I don’t know the details.

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