Stem cells from aborted fetuses used in makeovers

Via the UK Independent:

Britons desperate to halt the ageing process are being injected with the stem cells of aborted foetuses at a clinic that charges £15,000 for a controversial new cosmetic treatment. Despite warnings from biologists in the UK that the process is unproven and could be harmful, dozens of British women have flown to Barbados in the hope that the injections will make them forever young – and possibly even boost their sex drive.

The treatment is also available in Ecuador, Russia and Ukraine, where it was developed by scientists to treat Parkinson’s disease and blood disorders. But converts claim that wrinkles can be ironed out and the fresh face of youth restored.

“It is the most natural form of healing there is,” said Barnett Suskind, chief executive of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine (IRM) in Barbados. “You think better, sleep better, look better. Your quality of life improves and your libido certainly improves.”

Isn’t that just great? Stems cells from aborted babies can be used to make you look better AND improve your libido … and if you just happen to get pregnant as a result of that improved libido, you can get an abortion and rest assured that the stem cells from your aborted baby may be used in the future to ‘help’ someone else out.

Sounds like a sickening example of “Pay It Forward – Vanity Edition” πŸ˜₯ If you can stomach it, please read the whole thing.

Hat tip: ST reader Tom, who saw the link to the article posted at Lilac Rose.

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