Defiant Saddam pleads “innocent”

Of course … and not without the usual drama ensuing:

Saddam replied quietly, “I said what I said. I am not guilty” referring to his arguments earlier in the session.

Amin read out the plea, “Innocent.”

The confrontation later became physical. When a break was called, Saddam stood, smiling, and asked to step out of the room. When two guards tried to grab his arms to escort him out, he angrily shook them off.

They tried to grab him again, and Saddam struggled to free himself. Saddam and the guards shoved each other and yelled for about a minute.

It ended with Saddam getting his way, and he was allowed to walk independently, with the two guards behind him, out of the room for the break.

The trial will resume on November 28th.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of links which take note of the Saddam-friendly press coverage the former Iraqi dictator has been receiving from our very own MSM.

More at Captain Ed’s.

ST reader Fat Tone emails this link to a posting from Omar at Iraq the Model dated December 9, 2003 that is well worth reading (or re-reading, if you’ve already read it) in light of Saddam’s impending trial.

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