Site maintenance in progress

Just letting you know I’m in the process of changing a few things around tonight (something I was going to do this past weekend but didn’t get around to doing) – in case you stopped by and things looked a little out of place! Comments have been moved to the left hand side of the blog, FYI.

Update: I am also adding to the blogroll this evening as well as removing sites off of it that haven’t updated in more than a month.

Update II: Below the comments section on the left hand side, you’ll see a section for "Reader Blogs" – these are blogs of people who read and comment here regularly. Some of them I originally had on my Blogroll, but I moved them over to the "Reader Blogs" section because I thought they deserved a section all on their own :) So if you’re a regular here and you check the Blogroll and don’t see your blog anymore – don’t fret! It’s likely been added to the "Reader’s Blogs" section. If you are a regular and I left your blog off by mistake, please let me know!

Update III: The Comments/Trackback/Email Policy post has been updated.

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