Ebay totally rules

I recently discovered a new perfume I really like – ok, well it’s not a new perfume, but it IS new to me. It’s Dolce and Gabbana Red. About two weeks ago I was standing in line behind a woman in the checkout at a local grocery store and smelled the most wonderful scent – I asked her what it was and she told me.

Unfortunately, the 3.4 oz bottle of this perfume retails for around $80.00. I will *not* pay that much for perfume, no matter how awesome it smells. Yours truly got it tonight on Ebay for a total (including shipping) of just slightly under $32.00. I’ve ordered perfumes in the past off of Ebay and made sure each time to order from someone with a positive feedback rating as well as a high seller rating and have gotten the real deal everytime – I feel confident that this time around will be no different.

Ebay rocks!

Ok, now my shopping day is officially over πŸ˜€

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