To the guys: would you be offended by this?

To the fine gents who visit this blog: Let’s say you were doing some online shopping for to find a nice gift for your wife, or your girlfriend, or your good buddy, and you came across a site who’s motto was:

” … because guys can’t shop”

Would that be offensive to you? The reason I ask is because of an email I rec’d from the proprietress of Romeo Shops, an online store devoted to helping guys who aren’t into the shopping thing find nice gifts for those in their lives who they care about. Apparently quite a few of the men who have visited the website have sent some not-so-nice emails to her complaining that guys are being unfairly stereotyped by the store motto. It should be noted what the “About Us” page reads:

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered the first online site dedicated to helping guys find the perfect gift. It’s not necessarily true that guys CAN’T shop, but that they don’t have the time, patience, or (dare I say??) the taste to select that perfect something. We are just a few girls from Minneapolis who know what it’s like when a guy gives a bad gift. There’s an uncomfortable pause, an insincere smile, and a “You shouldn’t have. Really”. We’ve heard all the horror stories of bad gifts- so we’re ready to arm guys with the knowledge and service of great gift selection and packaging!

Seems pretty clear to me that Romeo Shops is just trying to help out guys who don’t enjoy shopping and who may not have a good idea of what type of gift to get for their person they are shopping for – and are gently teasing guys with their motto in the process.

However, those are just MY thoughts on the matter – what are yours?

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