Alito is “extremist” but Ginsburg is a “moderate”

Betcha didn’t know that …. you do now, though, thanks to the stellar efforts of the MSM to put Alito in the “extremist” camp. Check out Newsbusters for the full story.

On Oct. 27 I predicted the following in my post titled It’s The Fault Of The “Extreme Right Wing” : “Watch for the media to pick up on this talking point as well […] When a Democrat president does something to, in part, please his base, he’s “keeping a promise” or “keeping his word.” When a Republican does it, he’s acting to “quickly please the right flank of his party.” I’m sure over the next several weeks we’ll hear a lot of terms being thrown around by the MSM like “extreme right wing” or “far right flank” and other such descriptions of the people who opposed Miers nomination. ”

The media is very predictable, so it wasn’t exactly a leap to make that prediction, I should note. Still somewhat amusing (in an exasperating sort of way) to see it happen, nevertheless.

Hat tip: Drew at the Conservative Outpost

Update/Related: ST blog reader Dan sends this tip about an interview Hugh Hewitt did with Fort Worth Star Telegram columnist Bob Ray Sanders. Note this, shall we say, ‘interesting’, exchange:

HH: Good. It’s been reliably reported to me, and I want to give you a chance to confirm or deny that this morning, you said Justice Alito would do just as well in a white robe as a black one.

BRS: Okay, well, you don’t have reliable sources, because that’s not what I said about Judge Alito.

HH: Then tell us what you said.

BRS: Well, I was asked…we were talking about Judge Alito, and last week, after Harriet Miers has been thrown overboard by the president, or at least jumped with a little push from the president, I whould say, I did say that the people who didn’t want Harriet Miers, namely those on the right, didn’t think she was enough of a zealot, and would probably want somebody who would be as comfortable in a white robe as in a black robe.

Here’s Mr. Sanders email info in case you’d like to contact him in order to let him know what you think of his outrageous remarks:

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