Gotta love Google

When I logged on a few minutes ago imagine my surprise to find that the site had over 1000 hits already.  I average about 750 or so a day, so my curiosity was piqued.  I checked my Sitemeter and come to find out, my site is coming up on the first page of Google’s search engine (for the moment) for the name "Deborah Hale" – Ms. Hale is the lady I blogged about two days ago who is selling her house – as well as herself with it.

My site is showing up on the first page of the searches –  and it’s the very first one that shows up in some searches!  You’d think  I was the only person who had blogged about this! LOL. 

That said, welcome to all new visitors to the site as a result of your search for information about Ms. Hale.  However, I should note that most of the topics around here are related to politics and other various hot button issues of the day rather than oddball news stories such as the one about Ms. Hale … hopefully you all will be interested in sticking around to read about them  :)

Now what would have been even cooler would be to have a bunch of people visit this site to find out how the "Bush lied" chants we’ve heard this week from DC Democrats are pure nonsense (read here if you want to find out why). 

In any event, happy reading and Googling and hope you enjoy your visit to the ST blog :)

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