Thursday: My day of rest :)

Life has been on the crazy side for me the past few weeks and as a result of that I’ve declared Thursday Nov. 3 ST’s Day of Rest. I won’t be working. I plan on sleeping in (clock alarm will *not* be in use LOL). Got a couple of small errands to run but other than that, my time is free to be a total veg (insert Howard Dean scream here – heh). Probably will not blog until the latter part of the afternoon or early evening as I need to get away from politics for a few hours … I’ve hit information overload and need to step back a bit. All news junkies go through this every once in a while.

I won’t be around the computer much until Thurs. evening but I’ll check in a couple times before then to release comments for posting. In the meantime, please check out some of the blogs on my blogroll located on the lower right side of this page and also the ST reader blogs listed on the lower left side of this page – they wouldn’t be there if I didn’t think they rocked ;)

Now, I’m gonna go catch some zzz’s. Hope everyone has a good Thursday – T.G. almost I.F. ! zzzz

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