‘Breasts Not Bombs’ rally at CA state capitol

Via CBS13:

(CBS 13) SACRAMENTO On the eve of the Special Election the group known as "Breasts Not Bombs" rallied at the State Capitol. They’re opposed to the war in Iraq, and the propositions on the Special Election Ballot. Some of them wound up getting arrested for baring much more than their souls.

Even before they bared their breasts, a crowd of mostly men gathered on the Capitol’s West steps to watch the spectacle. Soon, members of the group "Breasts Not Bombs" began promoting peace, not war, in a demonstration reminiscent of the late 60’s.

"I want to get naked with you. It’s natural and easy to do", members chanted.

While they took off their tops, at first they didn’t completely reveal themselves, only enough to get people’s attention on the eve of California’s Special Election. Many in the crowd showed their support.

"We are not here to perform a sexual act, we are not here to be leud and lascivious. We are here as a political statement", said a member of the group.

But as the demonstration was winding down, two of the women bared all and immediately found themselves in handcuffs.

Ok, so just how many Sacramento-area ST blog readers were out there monitoring this development? emoticon

Hat tip: ST reader Dan.

UPDATED: Click here (if you dare) for photos.

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