Why I don’t like the ACLU

Because of how they target the Boy Scouts of America, and how fear of lawsuits by the ACLU spurs BSA sponsors stop those sponsorships:

(KSDK) – Threats of litigation by the American Civil Liberties Union is causing trouble for some Boy Scouts in St. Charles County.

Last year the ACLU complained the Boy Scouts were a religious group, because members were compelled to swear an oath of duty to God. When the ACLU began winning court cases, several sponsors pulled out.

Cub Scout Pack 530 was sponsored by Castlio Elementary School in St. Charles County for 20 years until the school pulled out after the ACLU’S nationwide threat to sue. Some parents are upset because the parent-teacher organization at Castlio decided not to sponsor the pack, after being requested to do so.

Jay at Stop the ACLU has more, including news about the 90 congressmen who are backing the U.S. Defense Department’s sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America’s national jamboree – the ACLU is suing to have that sponsorship stopped because they claim it violates the First Amendment.

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