On blog wars and death threats

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Last night, I wrote a vague post asking for assistance on how to report a problem ISP#. I didn’t want to post the reason why until I had gotten the info I needed on the ISP#. Thank you to the very helpful reader/commenter who dug to get as much information on this ISP# as you could – I don’t know if you want to be mentioned by name … if you do, feel free to point it out in the comments section.

Last night around 6:45 someone attempted to post a comment on this blog that went beyond the usual crude and lewd. The comment included a death threat. The blogger (who I’ll call Blogger X) who posted the comment apparently thinks that he’s slick, but he’s not. What he attempted to do was impersonate a blogger (who I’ll call Blogger A) who I have had issues with in the past (and who has had issues with me as well) in an attempt to get Blogger A in trouble – apparently there is some sort of blog war going on, and I got thrust unwillingly in the middle by Blogger X. Though there is no love lost between myself and Blogger A, I’m fully aware that there is no way that Blogger A would have written what Blogger X did last night.

When anyone attempts to post a comment here, a feature of Word Press is that the ISP# of the person attempting to post is included in the comment. It’s something only the blogger sees; readers and commenters to the blog do not see it. A few things tipped me off to the fact that it wasn’t Blogger A who posted this comment but instead Blogger X. The first thing was that Blogger X used Blogger A’s real name. Blogger A does not attempt to post here using his real name. He does on his own blog, but not here and not at the Air America Radio blog … he is known there by the same name he has used here when he has attempted to post in the past. Blogger A’s posts don’t make it onto this blog because of the issues I have had with Blogger A in the past. But that being said, Blogger A is not so mean-spirited as to post what Blogger X attempted to post here last night. Another thing that tipped me off was the email address used – it was a fake address that was actually insulting to Blogger A, so again no way that Blogger A would have used that email address. The third thing that tipped me off was the ISP # itself. Blogger A’s ISP# does not match Blogger X’s in any way, shape or form. Lastly, the content of the message tipped me off that Blogger A had not posted it. Again, he and I may have serious issues with each other, but I’ve read enough of what he has had to say in the past to know that what was written last night in an attempt to get posted on this blog was not written by him. He might not like me, but he is not the type that would issue a death threat either.

Please click below where you see the “Read More” link to read what the actual message said. As you all know, I’m against posting profanity and obscenity on this blog, but I wanted to post the full message (minus the URLs, as I don’t want any attempts by anyone made to contact Blogger A over this because it’s not his fault in the first place – and while I know you would be well-intentioned, I don’t want anyone here getting in trouble on my behalf) .

Name: [Blogger A name deleted – ST]

E-mail: [Blogger A name deleted-ST]suckscock@suckcock.com

URI: [Blogger A blog URL deleted – ST]


I know it was you, you fucking whore bag, faggoty ass fuck shit bitch!

Did you do this?

[Blog site suspected to have been set up by Blogger X to impersonate Blogger A URL deleted by ST]

You and that fucking [suspected Blogger X name deleted – ST] from [suspected Blogger X URL deleted – ST]

You little shitbag fuckshit motherfuckers.

I will fucking kill you whore!

Blogger X is pretending to be Blogger A and accusing me of setting up the impersonator site.

I have serious issues with some things Blogger A has said about me in the past and as a result of that his comments don’t get posted here, but I didn’t let those issues stop me from emailing that blogger last night to alert him as to what happened so he (Blogger A) could take the appropriate action – if he wanted to – to have the impersonation blogsite of him deleted, as well as contacting the ISP to make them aware that some deranged person is going around to other blogs making death threats in his name. Even knowing what Blogger A has said about me in the past, he does not deserve this. What Blogger A chooses to do at this point about this impersonator is up to him. I will reply to his email later this morning to let him know that if he chooses to press forward with reporting this guy’s ISP# to the powers that be, that he can count on me if the ISP needs to contact me with any questions so this sick person can stop what he’s doing. Not only did Blogger X try to post that comment on my board last night, but he’s been posting sick messages at Blogger A’s blog for the last couple of days.

Thanks to the research a ST blog commenter did last night, I have enough information to proceed with reporting Blogger X to what I believe is his work ISP# as well as the ISP itself. I had wanted to do the reporting last night, but wanted to sleep on the information that the help commenter here sent to me before I composed anything formal. I report this information later today when I get the time to pool all the necessary information together. Not only do I have this person’s ISP, but I also have saved screencaps of the message he attempted to post, Sitemeter screencaps of his two attempted visits to my blog last night, as well as screencaps of his impersonator blog.

I know some of this still may sound vague, considering I left out blogger names and URLs, but that is the way it has to be for now. I am 99.9% sure Blogger X is behind this and want to take action via the proper channels to clear this up, rather than fan the flames between blogs. This is not a deliberate attempt to be mysterious nor intriguing, but instead this message is being posted to alert people who do this sort of thing that it will NOT be tolerated by me. Not now, not ever.

PM UPDATE: I rec’d a call late this afternoon from (if I recall the title correctly) the head of the IT department at the company in question. His response: “if this has come from one of my machines, the person is gone. This is completely unacceptable.” There is a possibility that the authorities will be contacted on this as well, most likely to put the fear of God into Blogger X.

He also asked if I wanted a follow up to find out what the results were of their investigation into the matter, and I told him yes. I’ll let you know more when I do. I’m very grateful to USIS for taking this issue seriously and would like to thank them in advance for the research they’ll be undertaking to find out who the culprit is.

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