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(I have decided to stop bumping up this post – I am tired of looking at it as the first thing I see when I visit, and I bet ya’ll are too :). I’ll post small reminders at the end of each new post. Thanks to all who have voted so far!)

ta tump, ta tump, ta tumpFellow blogger Aaron is composing a blogger Deck of Cards, appropriately labelled “Deck O’ Bloggers”, and the vote is on this weekend for what female bloggers will make the “Hearts” suit of the deck. Would you kindly cast a vote for yours truly?

xoxoxThere’s quite a bit of competition out there, and even if I don’t make the final cut – it’s the thought behind the vote that counts. The poll is on the left hand side of the page (scroll down a bit). Looks like either The Anchoress or Michelle Malkin will win the coveted Queen of Hearts spot, but there are still plenty more ‘hearts’ left in the deck πŸ˜€ I have to finish in the top 11 to make the deck.

Thanks in advance! Voting on this ends at midnight EDT on Monday 11:00 AM EDT Tuesday (changed due to site downtime Sunday – Aaron is on West coast time, so it’s 8 AM West coast time, 11 Eastern time Tuesday morning).

Saturday PM Update: 27 votes and counting! Thanks to all who have voted so far. Still got two days left for those who haven’t yet. If any of you out there who generally don’t agree with me will vote for me, I promise to take it easy on liberals for one whole day. (I wonder if that would be considered bribing ……:?: On second thought, scratch that deal! Heh.)

Sunday AM Update: I’ve gotten emails from a few people stating that they are getting a “Forbidden” message when they try to visit the site today. I’ve gotten it, too. I guess the server is too jammed up or something. Please try again later today.

Sunday PM Update: Looks like it’s up and running again. Make sure to cast your vote! :)

Monday PM Update: The deadline to cast your vote has now been changed to 11 AM EDT Tuesday. Aaron’s site was down for a bit yesterday, so that’s why the deadline changed. So if you haven’t voted, please make sure to do so before that time – and if you can get a friend to vote for me too, the more the merrier ;) As of this writing (4:05 PM EDT) I’m up to 84 votes which puts me in 7th place (which would be enough to get me into the Hearts suit) but the push for votes by those supporting other bloggers is on. I still need more votes to keep me in the top 10.

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