I cannot afford a simple rock concert anymore

Ticket prices for concerts have gotten outrageous thanks to the new Bobcats Arena.

For U2, who are coming in December, if I recall correctly I paid $55 to sit in the “I won’t get to see Bono” seats.

Got an email tonight with info on the Aerosmith/Kravitz concert – which is on January 12. Cheap seat prices? $55 in the “I can’t see the band” section. The “limited view of the band” section seats are $85. Ridiculous!

Bon Jovi is coming here Jan 18th. The cheap seats, in “I can’t see the band” section are $49.50. Decent view of the band seats: $89.50.

I’m better off trying to find bootlegs of concerts! At least I won’t go broke from it.

*Note: descriptions of seats are my descriptions – not the official descriptions ;)

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