Raw vote count totals – Deck O’ Bloggers – Hearts suit competition

These are votes which are pre-addition of Frappr bonuses and TTLB higher status nomination bonuses. Aaron offered a 5 point bonus to anyone on his Frappr map (I became a member this weekend) and 10 point bonuses to those nominated by any blogger in the Higher Beings, Mortal Humans, or Playful Primates category (those three represent the highest tier in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem rankings) Via Aaron:

341 — Michelle Malkin — 12%
310 — The Anchoress — 11%
301 — Atlas Shrugs — 11%
253 — SarahK — 9%
237 — Lorie Byrd — 7%
181 — Ann Althouse — 7%
134 — Soldier’s Angel — 5%
127 — SondraK — 5%
115 — Sister Toldjah — 4%
99 — Blonde Sagacity — 4%
67 — Karol at Alarming News — 2%

52 — Sade of Fistful Of Fortnights — 2%
45 — Drink This — 2%
36 — Dr. Sanity — 1%
33 — Elephant In My Coffee — 1%
32 — Dizzy Girl — 1%
35 — Carren – TC Override — 1%

There are more on the list, but the top vote-getters are listed above in bold. Add 5 to mine to get my total (120). I believe Blonde Sagacity was nominated by one of the bigger bloggers, so she should get ten points added to her total (not sure if she is on the Frappr map or not). Don’t wanna be premature but it looks like yours truly will have a spot in the top 11. It appears that Aaron isn’t going to make any official annoucements until the full deck is completed (spades and diamonds nominations start this week, I believe).

*Thank you* to everyone who voted, and who encouraged others to vote … this was a lot of fun! I truly appreciate the support. I hope when the official announcement is made when the time comes that you’ll see this blog on a hearts card. From the way things look, I think it just may happen 😀

Congrats to Michelle Malkin and Anchoress – they kept switching places on the poll this weekend. Atlas Shrugs finished a strong third (I feel comfortable calling those three as even if bigger blogger nomination and Frappr map bonus points are added, their positions likely won’t change).

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