The Weblogs Awards nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2005 Weblog Awards.

If you are interested in nominating a blog, you can do so by visiting this link and viewing the many categories. Select the category(ies) you think your favorite blog(s) would fit in, click on the appropriate link(s), and proceed to make your nomination in the comments section in each one. For example, if someone were to nominate me in a catogory, here is what the nomination should look like in the comments section:

Sister Toldjah

Remember that ;)

Nominations close on November 26th and the voting begins for the finalists on December 1. Not all blogs that are nominated make it to the finals. That is up to the people conducting the Weblog Awards (the fine folks at Wizbang). Make sure to read the Weblog Awards Nomination FAQ before proceeding.

I’ve nominated Jeff Goldstein’s Protein Wisdom blog in the Best Humor/Comics Blog category and also nominated California Conservative in the Best New Blog category.

Remember, you can nominate the same blog in more than one category – you just have to make sure to go to the links to each category to make your nomination(s). Also, if you see a blog you like has already been nominated in one category, it doesn’t hurt to nominate that blog again in the same category. My thought is that that the more people who post that they want a specific blog in a certain category to make it to the finals, it may help the people conducting the Weblog Awards in determining who makes it. I don’t know for sure though – just taking a guess.

So there ya have it :)

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