Thanksgiving plans

Here we are just a couple of days away from turkey day … I’ve been looking fwd to it for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost is because I love it when the family all gathers in one place to celebrate the day. It never fails that at least one person at the table starts talking about funny things that happened in the past in our family that most everyone else has either forgotten or tucked in the back of their minds and neglected to mention. I love hearing family stories of days gone by. The other reason I look fwd to the holiday is because of the nice four day weekend that comes with it. I feel like I’ve been running on low fuel for the last few weeks, and welcome the having four days to take it easy.

Our family usually rotates who hosts the holiday dinners between TGiving and Christmas and this year mom and dad are doing TGiving, with my middle sister doing Christmas. Next year, I will be doing Christmas and my oldest sister will be doing TGiving. There’s never much traveling involved, as we all live within about 30 miles of each other.

Our menu is usually traditional, and of course enough food is made to feed an army, even though there are generally only 9 or 10 people total at the table LOL.

What are your TGiving traditions? Are you hosting or travelling this year?

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