The undermining of this war

Maybe it’s because I’m feeling a bit on edge tonight, but I’m sitting here thinking about how much undermining of the war has gone on by the bogus accusations of ‘lies’ by Democrats in Congress and it makes me sick. I just cannot get over how so many of them are working to turn this into Vietnam in terms of the war being fought on two fronts – both abroad and in the press. Anti-war sentiment and negative press DID have an effect on the Vietnam war in terms of support … and the same crap is happening all over again.

It fascinates the he** out of me that so many Dems in Washington can say “we’re doing our patriotic duty by expressing dissent” … hogwash. As if dissenting is the only way to be patriotic. It also amazes me that they like to claim that their ‘dissent’ doesn’t hurt troop morale and embolden the enemy – yet another lesson they DID NOT LEARN from Vietnam. I mean, think about it: for example, let’s say the president of the company you work for has assigned a team of employees for a specific long term project. Several of the board members begrudgingly go along with the plan while privately expressing reservations as to if it is even necessary to each other. Over the course of time, when the long term project isn’t going so well, they start to repeatedly say “it can’t be done” or “we need to scrap this project and have these employees get back to their normal responsibilities.” After a while, those negative comments are going to have effect on morale and the people involved in the project are going to get uptight and edgy – and probably mad, too. It’s human nature. I have no doubt that it’s the same for many of our men and women fighting – they see people here fighting at home over the very reasons they were sent to Iraq in the first place, Democrats lying in speeches on the House and Senate floor about being ‘lied to’ and eventually it can and will affect morale.

When we win this war – and we will – it will be in spite of the incessant whining coming from the mouths of the Democratic liars in Congress and their cohorts in the MSM.

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