Sincere apologies

For the past week or so, I have felt ‘off my game’ (so to speak) as in not up to my best. I have been majorly stressing over all the ins and outs of buying a townhome (other things are stressing me, but that’s the biggie). Today, I literally wanted to pull my hair out. This week I feel like I have been jumping hurdle after hurdle and each time they get a bit taller. And tonight, I am exhausted and physically sick from the stress.

Anyway, I feel like my writing has not been up to the standards it should be, which is why I didn’t blog much today because I am too drained emotionally to write anything meaningful … for all of that, I apologize.

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow afternoon, but I’ll be around to blog in the morning. Sunday will be a full day of blogging so I can catch up on some things I haven’t blogged about the last couple of days, including some tips that have been sent to me. I also am going to try a new comments option which I think will work out well in terms of me not having to moderate, which would mean your posts showing up right away (yay!). I need to work with it some this weekend but I assure you it doesn’t involve any word blacklists or anything LOL. So no posts should accidentally get lost. I’ll likely work on that Sunday. I also need to clean out my email – big time! LOL.

Ok – hope ya’ll have a good night, and I’ll catch you in the morning when I’m refreshed and ready to roll :)

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