Checkin’ in with some ST reader blogs …

And wanted to pass along some posts of interest:

Pam at The Right Politics blogs about Howard Dean’s statement today that we’re not going to win in Iraq. BTW, Pam, you have to tell me where you got those cute emoticons for your comments! I want some just like that :)

Cavalier X asks What the Hell is a ‘Holiday Tree?’

Dana at Common Sense Political Thought blogs about who is lying on Iraq.

Jim at bRight and Early notes how the media played up the news that Tom DeLay’s conspiracy charges were dropped today … by focusing on the charges still pending.

Also, Kevin – I added your blog tonight to the ST reader blogroll :)

Camojack, I’m getting a page 404 message when I try and access your blog. J Rob – am getting a “cannot find server” message when I try and access yours. Same with you, Ryan. Blogspot must be having some techie issues tonight.

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