Sorry – accidentally deleted comments

Anyone who has posted a comment in the last hour, apologies but it was accidentally marked as spam by yours truly – I had 100 comments to go through, most of which were spam. So I marked them all as spam (it’s easier that way) and was going to go back through and mark the ones that weren’t so I could release them and hit the “moderate” button but hit “moderate” too soon so what comments that were there that were legit are gone :( If you’re one who’s message did not show up in the last hour or so, please try to repost.

Update: I’ve just fixed comments to where regulars who comment should have their comments go right through with no problem, unless part of their IP’s or names match those of people who have been banned – in that case, the comment will be held for moderation and released as soon as possible while comments from trolls will be deleted.

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