Totally wiped out

I am experiencing one of those times in my life that we all go through and that is just having so much going on that I barely have time to think. I’m a bit overwhelmed right now, quite frankly, and am at the point of exhaustion.

Blogging may be light the next few days as I attempt to handle all that is going on this month, including the continued drama of trying to buy a townhome (talk about STRESS!), two Christmas parties in one week, Christmas card lists (including compiling, addressing, and mailing), Christmas gift buying (including compiling a list, shopping, wrapping, and shipping), catching up on housework (UGH), and getting to know better the new gent in my life (and not necessarily in that order – heh).

Most of the above are things that many many many people are going through this time of the year, but to me personally it’s been overwhelming and exhausting.

(I should also add that I overanalyze everything – not just politics – so that tends to be a factor in terms of my energy level too because I overanalyze everyday things to a point that I exhaust myself LOL).

I’ll still be around this week blogging some, but smackdown delivery will be minimal – *for this week only!* I gotta get my ‘sea legs’ back … or however they say it. After Friday things should be calming down for me some.

Consider this post an ‘open topic’ post … so feel free to post in the comments regarding what’s on your mind about whatever! :)

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