Anti-war email spammer

Earlier today, I rec’d several consecutive emails from an anti-war group which I obviously did not sign up for. I emailed the person who sent them emails and asked them to please take me off their email list. This is the response I rec’d back:

You’re not on a mailing list. I sent you the information for you own education. Rest assured that I will not send you another thing. I just felt that your conservative blog might need some truth it was sadly lacking. If you are pro-troops than all troops should matter, not just the ones who are still in support of the war.

The voice of the soldier that now is opposed to the war or who has been screwed over after coming home has to represented even by the conservative press and bloggers. To deny them a voice because they oppose or have doubt about the war is narrow minded and disgraes their honor and service to country.

I stand up as a Republican and make the call for other conservatves and Republicans to tell the whole truth and facts, even if you don’t agree with it. After all it is a soldiers who served their country that are speaking out, not Cindy Sheehan or someone else you don’t like.

A growing number of decorated and honored vets are now standing upm and telling it like it is. Are you going to listen to them or ignore them and join in the slander and disparagement?

I will not send you any more interviews or voices of the soldier. I doubt you could handle the real truth that is out there. Some of the interviews I have conducted are with very pro-war, pro-Bush soldiers. They are just very upset that they are not getting heaslth care and proper treatment now that they are home.

Email address: CFTM EDITOR -Jay Shaft

Updated to add: I should note that the emails that I rec’d were of the anti-war “we shouldn’t be there” variety (the email above presented a distorted and incomplete picture of the content) .. one of them even spelled America with a “K”.

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