Panthers at the Saints

The battle for the NFC South continues as the Panthers take on the Saints today in Baton Rouge. New Orleans is out of playoff contention but the Panthers are still in it, and had an assist last night from the Patriots, who soundly defeated the Bucs in Foxborough.

If the Cats win today, they will sit atop the NFC South. The Bucs are 9-5. The Panthers are 9-4.

2:54 PM ET Update: As of 8:50 to go in the third quarter, the Cats are up 17-7.

4:07 PM ED Update: The Panthers win over the Saints 27-10. The Panthers now sit atop the NFC South at 10-4.

Side note: Looks like the Colts are getting ready to lose at home (first loss of the year) to the Chargers in what will be considered an upset if it happens. Current score 26-17 Chargers, and the Colts have the ball on the SD 24 yard line with less than two minutes to play.

Side note II: The ball has switched position twice in the last two minutes – the Chargers got it back and now the Colts have it again with 21 seconds to go, with the ball on the SD 41 yard line.

It’s final: Colts lose their first one this year, 26-17 to the Chargers. Bet that would have been a good game to watch.

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