Vote for Kevin!

No, ST reader and commenter Kevin is *not* running for president (yet) but he has created a banner for the Iraq the Model contest, a contest to determine what banner gets placed at the top of their blog. Kevin’s looks GREAT!

First, here’s the post with the five finalists.

Scroll down a bit to see Kevin’s, which is banner number 5.

Then click on this link and scroll to the bottom and click on the button that corresponds with Kevin’s banner to see what it will look like on the page if it gets the most votes.

To vote, email Omar and Mohammed: itmblogATgmailDOTcom – of course replacing the AT with the @ and the DOT with a real dot. Title the email “ITM Banner Contest Vote”.

Hurry and vote while you can – the contest ends on December 22.

Good luck, Kevin! My email is on its way.

By the way, Kevin, if you win, we’ll all hold a toast in celebration <:-p …. and in honor of your -ahem – toasty blog ;)

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