Today was one of those days it was hard to make through – after today, I have Thursday and Friday off work as vacation days, and then we’ll be off all next week, so I wanted to get a lot done before I left. I managed to kick bootie on getting a bunch of stuff done, and now I’m FINALLY here at home preparing for some much needed R&R.

Got a few Christmas presents in the mail this week that I am in the process of opening (Bath and Body Works and candles seem to be the big theme this year, lucky for me :) ) and am also munching on some homemade sausage balls as well as sipping hot cocoa. The kitty is close by, looking as adorable as ever and giving me the “I want some of that sausage ball pleeeeeease” look LOL.

I’ve gotten email notifications this afternoon that Christmas packages I shipped to various places on Monday are arriving ahead of schedule – today versus tomorrow (thank you, Fed Ex!) – and that makes me very happy.

Sooo – I had a busy day, and it’s nice to at least be home and be off for the next several days and feel like I can start enjoying the Christmas season! I’ve been under so much stress with trying to buy the townhome (and some other more minor stuff going on) that I feel like I haven’t been able to enjoy Christmas. Now I can because I’ll have some time off to enjoy it. On the shopping front, I’ve got two gifts to buy for my dad and then I’ll be officially done.

As you can tell, blogging has been light today but I shall make up for it during the course of the evening at some point – perhaps doing some overnight pajama blogging.

And how was YOUR day?

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