Christmas in Charlotte

FYI, I just got back about half an hour ago from taking pix of some of the Christmas decor that can be seen in some neighborhoods here in Charlotte. Most of the pix are from one neighborhood in particular – where one culdesac was lined up with decorations galore! Methinks those neighbors were having a bit of a contest to see how many lights and other decorations they could put in the yard ;)

I’m going to start a flickr photo album right now and upload ’em for ya’ll to see :) I will update this post with the link to the photos shortly. Here’s a sneak peek:

UPDATE: Ok, here’s the link (make sure to click on the individual photos to enlarge them). These are 640 x 480 photos and there is a link on the photo page to resize to that size.

If you’d like a slideshow (it shows one frame every five seconds) click here. Right now I’ve got 17 pix loaded.

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