Iraqi elections: a photo montage and commentary

From none other than Michael Yon. The photos and the commentary both are very moving, so please give his post a thorough look-see.

Freedom is indeed on the march.

I know there are some people who think saying “freedom is on the march” is little more than rosy rhetoric, but when you look at the pictures, and read the full story and not just the one-sided coverage we get from the MSM, there is no doubt in my mind that “freedom is on the march” is very a very apt statement to make in response.

March on.

Update: On a related note, check out this must-read/examine flow chart from Logic Times, which puts out to pasture the many myths that have been put forth by the usual suspects when arguing, in retrospect, against the liberation of Iraq. (Hat tip: Mark Noonan at Blogs For Bush)

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