Checking in with ST reader blogs

…. to see what some of ya’ll are up to ;;)

scmommy isn’t feeling well. Get well soon, lady! Miss you posting here. Cute Christmas pic of the GeeChee Girl!

Kevin’s latest toast post is about an emergency he and his family encountered on their trip home from Texas and how graffiti (of all things) saved the day. Whew! BTW Kevin – did you find out who the winner was of the Iraq the Model banner contest? I’m anxious to find out.

Seth at Hard Astarboard blogs about having to show your ID to vote and why it’s a perfectly good idea, and not racist as some would suggest.

Pam at Right Politics is encouraging Michigan voters to vote Gov. Granholm out next election.

Camojack spent his Christmas in Hawaii (love the photo at the bottom of your post, Jack!). Side note: everytime I hear “Mele Kalikimaka” I think of that scene in my favorite Christmas movie Christmas Vacation where Clark is fantasizing about the pool he wants to get for his family 😀

Ryan: Update time, amigo! ;)

Jim at bRight and Early has put out two calls for help – don’t worry, it’s not an emergency, but any answers you can give for the questions he’s asked I’m sure he would appreciate.

Brian at Iowa Voice, who I consider one of the most underrated bloggers in the blogosphere, has a new blog design. Please check it out! And make sure to keep scrolling down to read some of the fine content he has there.

Last but certainly not least, CavalierX has posted a list of helpful New Year’s resolutions for the left. Heh.


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