Panthers at the Falcons

It’s a must-win day for the Panthers today as they take on their division rival Atlanta on the Falcons’ turf. The Panthers must win today (or have help from other teams) to clinch a playoff berth. To make matters worse, they are also 1-9 in the Georgia Dome.

They will still have a shot at the playoffs if they lose, but they would need a Cowboys or Redskins loss in order to make that happen. Of course, in my opinion we would not be in this awkward position of having to win today or having to depend on other teams to lose if we hadn’t been robbed of a win last week thanks to a bad call by the officials (in the opinions of many here). Yeah, we could have played that game better, but the bottom line is we were ahead and would have stayed ahead, had the bad call not been made against us after the BLOCKED Dallas FG.

Sour grapes aside, this is one of those games I’m going to be watching with one eye shut.

Kick bootie, gents.

Update: Why do I always miss the good stuff? I had stepped out quickly to grab a bit to eat and while listening to the game on the radio the commentators were talking about Jake Delhomme having to go to the locker room to change out of ripped trousers. I’ve never heard of any such rule stating that players having ripped trousers have to go back to the locker room to change ;)

BTW, right now I’m home and can’t see the game – Fox must be having technical difficulties. All other channels are working fine. I did HEAR that Foster ran 70 yards for a TD against Atlanta just now. Woohoo!

Update II 1:48 pm EDT: Fox is still having tech difficulties – this is ridiculous! I wanna see the game :(

1:49 pm EDT: Yay – it’s back on.

3:54 pm: 37-3 Panthers with five minutes to go. Yeeeehaaaa!

Final score: 44-11 Panthers. We’re going to the playoffs πŸ˜€

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