At last – I’m home

At long last, I am moved in – still got a few things left to move, but it’s mostly coats and summer clothes from my spare closet. The heavy stuff is here now.

The weather Friday was perfect for moving – the sun was shining and it wasn’t cold. Just warm enough. The movers were fantastic. They were in and out in exactly three hours. Both of ’em were big time flirts, but I think that’s ’cause they wanted a nice tip 😀 . When I got to the my house, I saw that a local florist had delivered some beautiful flowers (white and pink carnations) – he’d put them in a spot where they couldn’t be easily seen by passersby – they were from a good friend of mine, congratulating me on the purchase of my first home. They smell wonderful.

I’ve met most of the neighbors in my ‘wing’ of the neighborhood – one of them I suspect was/is a recluse. Everytime I’ve driven up to the townhome in the past, if he was outside he’d go inside immediately. He’s probably in his mid 50s and I think he’s the only one who lives in that that townhome because I’ve never seen anyone else come out of it or sitting on the porch. I saw him today outside working on his car, and I made a point to speak. He’s nice, but I suspect he’s someone who prefers to keep to himself. Nothin’ wrong with that. The neighbors to the left and right of me are two young couples, each with a son under 5 years old. One of the couples’ has another baby on the way. Both couples are nice, and they are quiet, which is fine by me. You always worry that when you move into an apartment or townhome development that your neighors will be loud – so far, it appears the neighbors I have are not.

Had digital cable installed this morning, but because it was raining today, the ‘cable center’ where they transmit the signal to the cable box was having technical problems, so I had to call this afternoon to get that working. In the meantime, I had analog cable working upstairs and downstairs, which was fine. I still have analog cable upstairs (that’s the way I had it set up, with having the one digital box downstars) and digital cable is working downstairs but the remote for my TV downstairs is defective, I think, so I have to return it to one of the remote cable centers tomorrow for another one.

Phone service was connected as scheduled yesterday – thank God for that, because everything else was so chaotic I would have dreaded having to call the phone company for round three of phone connection issues! I had the time today to set up dial up Internet on my computer (once I could figure out where I had put all the computer equipment, etc LOL) so at last I have Internet. DSL should be back and running in about two weeks. Can’t wait to be back on DSL wireless so I can use my laptop downstairs and in the bedroom – especially for some of that late night pajama blogging.

Have spent the last two days getting as much done as I could, but there is still so much to be done. I have to organize my office, which is going to be a TRIP – I have so many files, books, magazines, general office clutter that I’m probably going to have to get another file cabinet. I honestly don’t know how/where I stored all that stuff before I moved ;). The two rooms that are (thankfully) pretty much done as far as the unpacking goes are the master bath and bedroom. That way I know once I get done with unpacking my office and living room and kitchen I can go upstairs, get cleaned up, and be able to go to sleep without tripping over boxes along the way.

I am flat out exhausted. Tonight is pamper night for me (since I’m too tired to find that masseur :-< ) Tomorrow is going to be another busy day for me, but I plan on sleeping in and then getting as much work as I can done by 4, so I can get relaxed in time for the big game (as if it will be easy to get relaxed for the biggest game we’ve played this year! LOL). The Panthers are going in as big time underdogs, and they are mum for now on the status of Julius Peppers. He’s listed for tomorrow as “questionable.” Needless to say, fans here are hoping he plays because the guy is a defensive machine.

I’m going to try and get some blogging done Sunday – I feel so out of the loop on the news, and I really miss blogging and the interaction with everyone here. Things should be back to normal on the blogging front by Monday, though – if not during the day, then definitely that night.

Time to pop open that complimentary bottle of champagne the closing attorney gave to me on Wednesday as phase one of the pampering begins now :)

Catch ya’ll tomorrow.

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