Panthers at Seattle

No need to go into detail about how huge this game is! I’ve been out today doing some shopping and a few other things and I think everyone in this city is wearing something with the Panthers logo on it. I opened up the paper this morning and there was an ad from a local fast food chain (Bojangles – cajun chicken is their claim to fame) that Jake Delhomme does ads for which was pretty humorous. It was of him during the Atlanta game where he ripped his pants and had to go back to the locker room to change – the ad read something like “Jake, we told you to show us the chicken, not the biscuit.” They had a full page picture of him from the back with that rip (of course, the rip was made to look obscure so nothing could be seen ;) LOL.

The paper had a section today devoted to the Panthers and one of the articles was on Steve Smith. Check it out here. The guy sounds like a class act all the way.

Obviously, I hope the cats win, but if they don’t, hats off to a good season. They really hit their stride the last several games and have looked really strong. They looked awesome against the Bears – may their road game win streak continue today.


Update I 6:43 PM: It’s just prior to kickoff. Could I possibly be more nervous? Dang – that crowd is LOUD!

Update II 6:47 PM: Cool – Peppers is playing.

Update III 7:26 PM: We look terrible.

Update IV 8:32 PM: This game is hard to watch.

Update V: One more TD for Carolina. Finally. At least it won’t look like a total blowout.

Update VI 9:50 PM: 2 minute warning coming up. Ah well. It was a good run, but we were clearly outdone on everything today. So it’ll be the Steelers vs. the Seahawks. Should be a great game.

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