Rep. J.D. Hayworth: Immigrants need to embrace U.S. culture

Everytime I’ve seen Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ-5th district) interviewed many times in the past on Fox News and have been extremely impressed with his go-get-’em-tell-it-like-it-is style of talking. A fine example of that can be found here in an opinion piece he wrote for the Arizona Republic newspaper on muliculturalism and how we’ve gotten away from assimilation here over the years – and are moving closer towards grouping ourselves in terms of race, religious beliefs, etc. He’s not advancing an idea of losing our individuality in order for some ‘collective good’, but instead harking back to the days when immigrants who came here became Americans – not just people from another country moving here to live:

Assimilation is the key to any successful immigration policy, and no country has succeeded in assimilating immigrants as well as the United States. Turning immigrants into Americans didn’t happen by accident but was the result of a comprehensive national effort called Americanization.

Sadly, Americanization has given way to an insidious multiculturalism. In the mid-1980s, the late Alistair Cooke, himself an immigrant, lamented the “general movement in the United States to unmelt the melting pot, to break down the goulash of the pot into its ethnic ingredients: to return, in short, to the immigrant compounds which Teddy Roosevelt was determined to fuse into one nation.”

With each passing day America is becoming more divided by ethnicity, race, language and income, a situation only exacerbated by illegal immigration. We all had a good laugh when Al Gore mangled the translation of E pluribus unum. “Out of one, many,” he goofed. But maybe he was just ahead of his time.

Hispanic immigrants have a harder time assimilating than other groups largely because the flood of illegal immigrants reinforces cultural and linguistic connections to “the old country.” It doesn’t help that they are force-fed a steady diet of multiculturalism and told by their own community leaders and our own anti-American elites that America is racist, sexist, intolerant and genocidal. And make no mistake, multiculturalism is the enemy of assimilation, and it can have devastating consequences, as we saw with riots outside Paris and the subway bombers in London.

Read the whole thing. This guy gets it.

Sidenote: Hayworth also has a book titled What It Takes: Illegal Immigration, Border Security and the War on Terror that looks like it would be well-worth reading. Guess I’ll be adding another book to my reading list :)

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