Helping out a blogger in need

My friend and fellow blogger Brian at Iowa Voice is asking for some financial help. He lost his job last month, and the start date on his new job has been pushed back for another month. Bills are due, and he is unable to pay them – his electricity is due today and will likely be cut off in the next few days.

The best way to help Brian would be through his tip jar. Monies rec’d from that would get to him instantly. If you’re a blogger or have a business you’d like to place an ad for, Brian has several slots available for Blogads – he has some banner ad slots available as well.

He’s married with two young kids and could use any financial assistance we can give him.

Also, if you’re a blogger and are interested in guest blogging at Iowa Voice (in case he’s unable to blog for the next few days) contact Brian at: BrianATIowaVoiceDOTcom (changing the AT and DOT to the @ an “.” symbols).

Thanks in advance.

Update: I see there are some Blogads running on Brian’s site now. Excellent!

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