File this under “riiiiiiiiight!”

Via AP:

Khatami: Islamic World Ready for Change

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia Feb 10, 2006 (AP)β€” The Islamic world is fed up with violence and extremism in the name of religion and is ready for an era of progressive, democratic Muslim governments, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said Friday.

Khatami said current conflicts between the West and Islam have created a situation that “can only see ever-escalating violence, whether in the form of war and occupation and repression, or in the form of terror and destruction.”

“After about two centuries of dispute between tradition and modernity in the world of Islam (there is) a high level of mental preparation for the acceptance of a major transformation in the mind and lives of Muslims,” Khatami said in a speech at an international conference on Islam and the West.

Right. I’m sure we’ll see the ‘acceptance of a major transformation’ just as soon as the “cartoon row” abates.

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