DC and on up north bracing for nasty weather

Just checked in over at Drudge and saw the various links he has posted for the latest info on the nasty weather that’s hitting DC and northward – yikes! Looks like our pals to the north are gonna get slammed by a nor’easter. Any ST blog readers in the affected areas, make sure to check in with us here and let us know how things are where you are.

The weather was pretty dreary here today with some rain and cooler temps, but it was ok enough for my first family get together here in the townhome (belated bday party they did for me). Today was the first time my sisters and bros in law had seen it, and they really liked it. I busted a move all week to get it looking just right. I’m feeling more and more at home here each day, as I add unique touches that make it mine – like different curtains than the previous owners had left, different blinds … I have a new dining room table and chairs being delivered next Saturday and I cannot wait to get it. It’s a light wood color and the chairs are the cushiony chairs (cushion color is like a cream color).

This evening I visited mom and dad’s and got to see my cat. I sat in one of the recliners there and took a small nap and when I woke up I noticed my cat had jumped up on the recliner and had fallen asleep between my ankles. It was so cute. I’ve missed her a lot since I moved but she seems to be adjusting well – probably better than I am ;)

Anyway, so that was my day :) Catch ya’ll manana – lots go catch up on.

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