Thursday and Friday

FYI, Thursday and Friday will be light blogging days for me as I’ll be very busy during the day. Most, if not all, of my posting will be done late in the evenings. Time permitting, I’ll check in to release any comments that are held up in moderation (newbies: please note that your comments will not immediately appear – they have to be approved by me first so do not submit your comment twice). I hope to be able to post one or two blog entries here and there during the day Thurs and Fri but it’s doubtful as I’ll be scarce. I’ll catch up on emails late Thurs and Fri evening as well.

In the meantime, please make sure to check out the ST reader blogs that I have listed right below the recent comments section on the left side column of this page. There, you’ll find what readers of this blog like to write about and you are sure to find many things while reading them that will make you smile and/or think :)

Your humble blogstress, counting down the hours til Friday

(BTW, this is my second time posting this – not sure where the other post went!)

AM UPDATE 11:34 AM: Sneaking on here quickly while I have a minute: Sorry about the site access issues. I don’t know what’s going on but other sites like (who has the same hosting service I do) was down today as well. I do know my hosting service changed some accounts over to a new server last night and things were working fine here til around 6 AM ET this morning (that’s when I got my last comment email notification). Hopefully things are resolved now. Sorry again for the access issues – fingers crossed that it doesn’t go down again.

Be back to blogging later tonight!

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