Mudslide in the Philippines

Things have looked incredibly bleak for the last several days in the Philippines where a devastating mudslide is estimated to have killed at least 1,000 people.

That said, the AP is reporting tonight that there may be signs of life at an elementary school that is buried in up to 100 feet of mud:

GUINSAUGON, Philippines – Rescue workers refused to give up hope of finding survivors in an elementary school buried by up to 100 feet of mud, digging into the night Monday after detecting what the provincial governor called “signs of life.”

Sounds of scratching and a rhythmic tapping were picked up by seismic sensors and sound-detection gear brought in by U.S. and Malaysian forces.

“To me, that’s more than enough reason to smile and be happy” South Leyte Gov. Rosette Lerias said. “The adrenaline is high … now that we have seen increasing signs of life.”

Keep ’em in your thoughts and prayers.

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