If you could be any president …

In their “Fox Fan Speakout” section, FoxNews has posted the following question:

If you could go back to any point in U.S. history and be president, what would you change?

Here are some of the responses:

“When the Civil War was about to break out, I would have saved the Union by negotiation. States’ rights were specifically granted by the Constitution and could not be taken away by the Federal goverenment. The level heads on both sides required a strong presidential leadership to overcome the influence of hotheads in their camps. The leadership failed and lead to a devastating conflict, which could have been prevented.” — Al (Houston, TX)

“I would have made sure that the Social Security Act of 1935 was only a temporary solution to assist the poor and elderly through the Great Depression.” — Ron (Birmingham, AL)

“I’d stay away from the Ford Theater!” — Norm (Brandon, FL)

“I think I would like to go back and change history by stopping the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. Let’s hope that these weapons are never used again anywhere in the world.” — Dan (Laramie, WY)

“I would have been kinder and gentler to the Native Americans. This is one of the saddest pieces of American history. Also, I would have never taken us off of the gold standard. Now, we just print more money when we need it. Dangerous course. And, in general, I would have made it much more difficult to put our boys and girls in harm’s way. We, as a nation, send them off to war at the blink of an eye with very little regard for the consequences.” — Jim (New Canton, VA)

“I would want to be Jimmy Carter. I would have redoubled the military’s efforts and gotten the hostages out the way Teddy Roosevelt or JFK would have done it. That was an embarrassment and gave encouragement to the Middle Eastern countries to thumb their noses at us. They know all they have to do now is wait.” — Bill

I’d love to read your answers! So, who would you pick, and what decisions would you have made differently – if you could have?

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