By the time I wake up in the morning …

…. my Sitemeter will have ticked over 200,000 visits to this site.

Thank you. Thank ya veruh much (as Elvis would say) ;;)

Regulars to the blog may have noticed that blogging has been sporadic the last few days here – I’ve had a lot going on ever since I moved last month but things seem to be calming down a bit (or will be after this weekend). Today (Saturday) I’ll be spending a good bit of the day helping my mom and dad paint a couple of rooms in their house (and get to see my cat again in the process) and Sunday I am going to attempt (once again!) to put together the intimidating entertainment center that I’d attempted to put together a few weeks ago but lost patience with.

Anyway, just wanted to let ya’ll know why I’ve blogged odd hours of the night some nights this week and may have to do for the next few days. That’s just the way things have had to be lately – but it’s better to blog late in the evenin’ than not at all :) Please bear with me until I can get back to my normal day and early-evening blogging, which hopefully will be very soon. And I also wanted to say “thank you” once again to regulars and newbies alike for visiting and continuing to visit and expressing your opinions – I truly appreciate it. It’s an honor and a thrill to know that there are people out there who are interested in what I have to say. Just remember, though, that even though I can’t participate in the comments section as much as I used to, I’m interested in what you have to say, too. Muchas gracias and here’s to what the future holds for the ST blog. Cheers!

Edited to add: In the time it took me to compose this post, my Sitemeter went above the 200K mark – cool!

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