Quick picks

Links from around the blogosphere that may be of interest to you:

  • The latest from the anti-war left: United for Peace is calling for all interested parties to join them in “storming” the White House “until they [Bush and Co.] leave.”
  • Michael Yon posts a report (with photos) from a mainstream journalist (who wishes to remain anonymous) about the need for wheelchairs for children in Iraq. Once you’re done reading, you’ll see links that will take you to sites where you can sign up to help.
  • US ambassador to the UN John Bolton says the UN is hobbled “by bad management, by sex and corruption” – Debbie at In the Bullpen thinks Bolton is being “way too kind.”
  • Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive is calling US Olympic ski-stud Bode Miller “Nike’s Million Dollar Ski Bum”
  • The Confederate Yankee picks apart a CNN report on Iraqi troop readiness
  • Jim at bRight and Early has a new web domain addy – make sure to update your bookmarks and/or blogrolls
  • Big Lizards and Powerline both blog about a recent Investor’s Business Daily editorial titled “Saddam Had WMD”.
  • Your humble blog hostess has a post up at Blogs for Bush about an anti-Semitic/anti-America movie that has generated an outcry in Germany.

Feel free to comment on any of the above, or whatever’s on your mind in the comments section and consider this an open thread.

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