Disinformation campaign on the UAE port deal?

Without question, news of the UAE port deal has generated a firestorm of criticism on both sides of the aisle. I came out last week in favor of the deal, after initially not supporting it. I know there are other conservatives who initially were against the deal who changed their minds as well as more information came out about it. Others are sticking by their initial position on the issue, and I can respect that, even though I disagree with them.

However, what I don’t respect is what seems to be a deliberate, ongoing misinformation campaign on this issue, with most of the (deliberate) misleading coming from liberals like Sen. Hillary Clinton. This morning, Jim Geraghty at NRO’s “The Kerry Spot” reports on what the left hand side of the aisle in DC has had to say on this issue over the course of the last several days – statements from them which, unfortunately, cloud a topic worthy of serious in-depth discusssion based on the facts. Regardless of what one thinks about this deal, it’s important that all facts are put on the table in a way that fosters and encourages that debate. When misinformation is spread, it becomes nearly impossible to separate the truth from fiction – but Geraghty does a good job of it here.

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PM Update: Make sure to check out what John at Powerline has to say on the UAE port deal.

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