Fallout from UAE port deal starts

…. and I’m not just talking about the President’s low(er) polling numbers. Some of the latest headlines:

I’m having a hard time moving on from this. Can ya tell?

Update: Here’s another: Scuttled ports deal may ship out dollars
Notion that U.S. markets `more trouble than they’re worth’ could hurt foreign investment, economic experts say

Update II: Wow – think *I’m* mad? Read Cassandra’s post at Villainous Company … powerful stuff.

BTW, been watching the ACC tourney most of the evening so blogging has been light. I also have to admit that I’m still adjusting to the curveball that hit me in the face this week after all the hysteria, unnecessary drama and demagoguging being engaged in by my own party. Ugh. I’ve got to get out of this funk and try to let it go.

Update III: Thank you, Washington Post (for everything except the bit about wiretapping and abusing detainees!). And hats off to David Ignatius as well. Same same for the LA Times.

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