On the lighter side of things …

Imagine coming home from work, settling in for the night, and going to get a cup of water – but when you turn on your faucet, it’s not water pouring out of it … but something else:

It’s Homer Simpson’s dream come true.

The phrase “beer on tap” took on a literal meaning for a Norwegian woman who turned on her kitchen faucet this weekend to find the alcoholic drink pouring out instead of plain old H2O.

“We had settled down for a cozy Saturday evening, had a nice dinner, and I was just going to clean up a little,” Haldis Gundersen, 50, told The Associated Press by telephone Monday. “I turned on the kitchen faucet and beer came out.”

Meanwhile, patrons and employees at the Big Tower Bar in Kristiandsund in western Norway were having their own mix-up two floors down, with water gushing out of the beer taps.

All had a botched plumbing job to thank for the miracle.

You see, someone at the bar accidentally connected the beer hoses to the water pipes for Gundersen’s apartment.

I can think of a few people who wouldn’t have complained to anyone about that botched plumbing job ;)

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