ST reader blogs – what are ya’ll up to?

Here’s a quick rundown of some posts from your fellow ST readers at their blogs which you may find of interest:

  • Kevin/blogagog has embraced vegetarianism. Find out why and how.
  • Ryan has some musical recommendations (btw, time to update your site with some more of those “Brown Liquor Thoughts, friend! :) )
  • New blog recommendation: ST reader Karl’s blog Leaning Straight Up
  • Sanity slams the reprehensible Rev. Fred Phelps and his “congregation” of sick freaks.
  • Speaking of sanity, I’m trying to preserve mine by not blogging about the aftermath of the UAE port deal for the next few days. CavalierX, in the meantime, shares his thoughts on it.
  • Dana R. Pico deprived the blogosphere of his presence from 10 pm last night til 6 this morning. Shame on ye, Dana! Who the heck wants to get sleep anyway?? πŸ˜€
  • Have you updated your bookmarks to reflect bRight & Early’s new domain addy yet?
  • Spiny Norman at The Viking View has a post that may be of interest to male readers of this blog (never let it be said that I deprive you of your cyber-daily essentials! ;) I didn’t post a direct link, but I think you’ll know which one it is right away ….).
  • Just to be fair and balanced, I’ll re-direct the lady readers of the ST blog to this bit of eye candy.


(Consider this an open thread.)

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