NYC Dept. of Corrections Islamic chaplains’ chief: the WH are the terrorists

Little Green Footballs has the transcript from a recent speech given to a Muslim Student Assocation by Umar Abdul-Jalil, who is the chief imam over the Islamic chaplains in the NYC Department of Corrections. The imam has been suspended, but of course claims the remarks were ‘taken out of context.’ The transcripts prove that they, in fact, weren’t.

The usual suspects will make this an issue of free speech when it’s really not. It’s about whether his comments were appropriate for someone representing the Dept. of Corrections to say and whether or not he made the speech in any ‘official’ capacity.

It also makes you wonder that if this imam was preaching hate against the “Zionist” media and the WH, what other kinds of hate is he urging other imams to preach to inmates and if so, is it of the variety that would encourage the inmates to re-enter society and commit crimes (again?) in the name of “Allah”? Lots of questions swirling, but few answers.

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