Have a blog on Blogger/Blogspot?

After reading the experience Betsy Newmark went through after her blog went down for four days, and after reading that something similar happened to Jason at Generation Why? (who has his own domain now), I encourage anyone with a blog at Blogger/Blogspot to do a backup of their site and get a domain with hosting services. Pricing is very reasonable and affordable – my domain and hosting are courtesy of BlogsAbout.com. There are many hosting/domain packages out there at any number of sites to suit your needs – whether small or large.

I started out blogging on Blogspot.com and had very few problems but it sounds like lately there are a lot of people out there who’ve lost their sites for days at a time – and some who are still wondering when (and if) they are going to get them back. If you’re uncomfortable with the possibility that your site could suffer the same fate, please look into exploring alternative hosting services. Free hosting services are good, but not when the content you’ve worked hard at posting and archiving just disappears for days at a time.

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